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Airport Commercial Spaces & Strategy

Market Square Consult

We help airports to make money 


Consumers on the move. Passengers with emotions, needs, travel stress and the willingness to spend. Your airport is a people market, a junction of impulses and brands.

We help you with the planning of retail, food and beverage, car parking and advertising. With your overall strategy and financial modelling in ‘non-aviation’ airport activities including real estate and airport city development. Whether you’re an airport, retailer, supplier, developer or investor.


At Market Square, we’ve done this for two decades and helped our clients achieve remarkable results. Come and have a look.

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Why work with us?


  • More than 25 years of airport commercial experience - as airport manager and as strategic advisor.

  • We deeply understand airport operational needs.

  • Our clients: Airports with more than 30 million passengers and less than 1 million passengers and anything in between.

  • Our clients: Commercial operators from every sector.

  • Projects on every continent of the globe. We speak the language and have the local knowledge.

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Virtual Class at 

We're very excited to announce that we are giving a Virtual Class at the young, all-online learning centre


The dates are 17-20 January and 25-28 April 2023.

You're most welcome!

Sofia Airport's new advertising plan 

Sofia Airport has been privatised and is underway to rebuild its Terminal 2, close its outdated Terminal 1 and expand with Terminal 3. Being a private enterprise, it places high demands on its commercial revenues. Following a European tender, Market Square was asked to support SOF Connect, the airport operator, with an analysis and new programme of its advertising. Market Square teamed up with Compass International and an international renowned commercial designer to deliver a review of the current advertising programme, an analysis of the Bulgarian OOH market, a new advertising programme with the onus on low capex, a business model and new advertising contract and tender documents.  August 2022 – now.

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Warszaw's new airport 

Market Square has been selected to advise the Solidarity Transportation Hub (Centralny Port Komunikacyjny) organisation in Warszaw to support them with their non-aviation business issues.

The airport will be developed on a greenfield site west of the capital.

A great win for our company, and a chance to share our knowledge of generating maximum guest experience and revenues in greenfield airports - similar to our contribution to Istanbul New Airport 2012-2016.

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